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As youth unemployment is a problem at national and European level, the project has the goal to engage young people who are NEET in order to promote youth employment and prevent the social exclusion of young people. Possible approaches include upgrading their employability skills, addressing skills mismatches and providing work experiences in their local communities.

What We Are Doing

ADDRESS marginalization and social exclusion of young people.

DISSEMINATE best measures to reduce the number of young people who are NEET across Europe.

SUPPORT the development of self-confidence and social capital among young people who are NEET.

ENHANCE young people’s employability and entrepreneurial learning.

BUILDE bridges between schools/training providers and employers.

We Are Doing This By

REACHING OUT to young people who are NEET but also to professionals who work with them.

INVOLVING local stakeholders to increase NEETs’ working and learning opportunities in their communities.

TESTING an intervention model to improve young people’s employability, social and life skills.

PROVIDING and EVALUATING an intervention model based on a LOCAL MULTI-STAKEHOLDER approach

ORGANIZING public events, awareness raising sessions for information and dissemination of the project.

Why We Are Doing It

to socially RE-INTEGRATE young people struggling to find their way.

to EXCHANGE EXPERIENCES and identify best practices already in place.

to BUILD new PATHWAYS and TOOLS to encourage the social inclusion of young people who are NEET across Europe.

to DEVELOP innovative, meaningful and effective work-based learning strategies.

to LOWER youth unemployment at the local level.

to INCREASE the NETWORKING CAPACITY to increase NEETs’ social inclusion and employability.

to ENSURE the SUSTAINABILITY of provision in participating areas.

Who We Want to Engage With

Are you fighting youth unemployment locally and are interested in working with us?

Are you struggling to find learning and work experience opportunities for young people who are NEET?

Are you looking for support and guidance to get back into the world of work, education or training?

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